Juno **

I give the much-hyped film, Juno two stars.

What I didn’t like:

  • I felt the relationship between Juno (Ellen Page) and Bleeker (Michael Cera) could have been better developed. He felt like more of an accessory to the film than a pivotal character.
  • The music.
  • The dialog sounded very forced at times.
  • Its slow pace of the film lacks replay value.
  • The relationship between Juno and Mark Loring (Jason Bateman) was kind of creepy.
  • All the hype.
  • Jennifer Garner’s character.
  • Jennifer Garner. (just for Aaron, she really doesn’t bother me, but I do like watching her kick ass much more than play a yuppie)

What I liked:

  • Ellen Page
  • The film’s handling of a controversial and uncomfortable subject.
  • Allison Janney’s character telling off the ultrasound technician.
  • The way it ended.
  • The title sequence.
  • Jason Bateman
  • Michael Cera

The movie was definitely worth watching, however this character study lacked a certain depth and intimacy. The characters felt at an arm’s length because of the forced slang-filled dialog and its overall lack of relationship set up. We don’t even know who Juno is and the movie starts with her discovering she’s pregnant. From there a series of anticlimactic events ensue. For an emotionally charged issue this film treats pregnancy as more of an incidental medical condition than the start of a human life. As for the awards it was up for and won, I’m going to extend my humble opinion and say that I don’t think it deserved them.

The film did have some laughs and some nice moments. The performances themselves were also right on and the cast was mostly enjoyable to watch. So, go ahead and pick it up when you’re really bored one Friday night. Just don’t expect it to be the phenomenon it’s advertised to be.