SNL Weekend Update Thursday

Ultra-mega props to the cast and crew of SNL! They now have an entire episode of the Weekend Update that is to air on Thursday nights at 8:30EST. Let’s just hope they can improve their non-political skits so that people keep watching after the election. You can watch the full length episode on this site. It’s hilarious, but left me with a pit in my stomach thinking, “How did we reach the point where comedians are the watch dogs?”


Are you there, readers? It’s me, Blogret.

First and foremost, I obviously have no idea what I’m doing with this blog. I haven’t updated in how long?! I don’t even remember. EPIC FAIL!

Well, a few things have happened since I did update this last, which was in July when I wrote a nice review about a crappy movie. Oh and I have one draft saved on this thing that says, “Season 4 premier of Weeds was on last night.” I suppose that was a review of some sort, but c’mon, Sharon, you didn’t even italicize the show’s title. And what kind of sentence is that? You work in publishing for craps’ sake – get back on the ball!!! 

I just need to get it out of my system – Showtime is the best cable network right now for series. They’re on the ball with the dramadies that they are producing. Right now, Weeds, Dexter and Californication are my ‘holy trinity’ of current programming. Dexter and Californication both premiered on September 28th and are both two very strong, much anticipated episodes in. Great stuff! Dexter still has me on the edge of my seat and Californication  is still high comedy.

South Park premiered this past Wednesday and let me tell you, watching the “o face” of George Lucas is like staring Lucifer right in the face. Those poor animators. But it was hilarious and I love their biting satire, no matter what the subject matter is.

So, anyone read the news lately?

Cloverfield ****

Warning: Not for the weak of stomach.

Grab your Dramamine and brace yourself, the entire film is shot with a hand held camera. This technique is quite jarring and a cinematic language that is out of the norm. In fact the last big film that comes to mind is the Blair Witch Project (1999). Unlike its predecessor, however, Cloverfield (2008 ) is packed with action, suspense and best of all – monsters!

Drew Goddard the writer behind episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Lost and Alias teams up with J.J. Abrahms to bring big scary monsters to audiences. The movie starts very ominously with placards stating that the film is the property of the U.S. Government and includes a hint of Abrams mythology. After being introduced to the spunky, young leads: Marlena, Lily, Hud and Rob Hawkins mayhem and terror ensue as the bug/crab like creature, Cloverfield, tears through New York City.

I cannot comment enough on the hand held camera work and how appropriate it was for this story. The first person perspective gave it a bit of a claustrophobic tunnel-vision feel, but put you right in the action. Cloverfield is a commentary to the cultural phenomenon of “iReporting,” which has been made possible by Apple’s obsession to add an “i” to the beginning of everything. It is also made possible due to an increase in personal, user-friendly technology such as camera-phones. The filmmakers actually watched YouTube for phone videos from 9-11 and other disasters in preparing for this film, which they talk about on the DVD’s extras.

This movie is most fun on a stormy night with all of the lights off. Great for sucking you in and keeping you at the edge of your seat. Chock full of visual effects surprises, Cloverfield is an incredibly imaginative beast that is fascinating to watch – when you’re given a glimpse of him. Definitely one of the best suspense films I’ve seen in a while.


I recently saw, About a Son (2006), a film that documents the life of Kurt Cobain. The film (which I think is all-around excellent and a must-see) uses Kurt’s own words from a series of taped interviews that Michael Azerrad used for his book, “Come as You Are”. Towards the conclusion of the movie, Kurt talks about celebrity. He criticizes the public and the media for wanting to know intimate details of celebrities’ personal lives. He also mentioned that he would love to see that changed. Well, I think that the media owes Kurt an apology.

Some celebrities are very private and, though high profile and influential, manage to stay out of the limelight. Others, like Britney Spears are examples of mentally unstable people who should be left alone and are going through enough in their personal life. Amy Winehouse is another fine example. Do I really care that her husband is suing her for a sum of money that most people could live off of for the rest of thier life? No… no… no.

Now, let’s talk about celebre-whores. Just in case being photographed and talked about in every tabloid, news outlet and website just isn’t enough attention, you can go get a TV show, release an album or do both.  Throw in a clothing line while you’re at it. Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lopez are also multi-talented EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK!

So, Kurt, I regretfully inform you that celebrities are still cartoon characters for the lowest common denominator to obsess over. Sorry. The soft news and the hard news have become one and celebrity trash talk is no longer limited to tabloids at the supermarket checkout. The next time you see some rich twit’s twat blocked out on the front page of National Enquierer just remember the twit behind that twat.