Revolver (2005) D+

The hazard of mail in Blockbuster DVDs is that sometimes you get DVDs in the mail that you forget you even wanted to watch in the first place. Kudos to whoever created the trailer for Revolver (2005), they did what the filmmakers couldn’t – made it interesting. Why don’t more trailer people make movies? That’s what I want to know! I mean, seriously, is there anything worse than seeing a CAPTIVATING movie trailer then to be disappointed when the movie sucks?! No. There is nothing worse. It makes me want to go and kick the trailer makers in the balls for being so good at their job. That’s not fair, I know, but neither is raising my hopes.

The film felt like watching two different equally mediocre films. It’s one of those movies where just when you think the plot is making sense to you it does something completely retarded like randomly make small characters important to the crux of the entire movie and rotoscoping. Yes, there is even random rotoscoping. I love a good rotoscope, but it should make sense and not be RANDOM! The individual scenes of this film are great. And it *could* have been fabulous, but it wasn’t. It just wasn’t. The only reason I gave it a plus was the fact that Ray Liotta was in it, but even that isn’t much of a saving grace.
There were some really cool trailers on it, though…

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